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It is quite remarkable what Court-trained grace and the right attitude can achieve.

Or perhaps it isn't - that was, after all, the point.

Ariette has never been Luca's favourite person, House loyalty aside - she is, after all, still only an apprentice like him, even at the age when she may debut as soon as she is deemed ready.

Sometimes, when she is being particularly domineering, he muses on why she hasn't yet in spite of possessing all the beauty and confidence of any full adept. Coming up with possible failings that would prevent her progression is most soothing when trying to keep his temper.

Still, it does mean that she has essentially turned the situation from a kind servant providing tea for a young noble lady and her guards from outside the city who were Sadly Lost while trying to find the house of a nonexistant relative into a verbal but intense interrogation on everything about the man who lives here.

Luca, bearing his role of pageboy with silent resentment and a mental note for later revenge, has taken the time to go through drawers in any unattended rooms.

It's plain enough that no noble is here - they simply can't cope with just one servant to run the place while in residence. In any case, the house is a city residence - roomy, but hardly sprawling.

Peering through the door of the sitting room, he manages to catch Ariette's eye and shakes his head once. It looks like he's done what he can.


"I'm so glad to hear it," Ariette says in steely tones overlaid by her sweetest smile. "City houses can be so stifling. Would I have passed it on my way, I wonder? Where is it?"

"Oh, but a few hours by road, my lady," says the beleaguered woman, wondering only vaguely why she feels so urgently about pleasing this young noblewoman - why, she's barely more than a child! But then, she is a gentlewoman - her own lord has such a manner about him at times, as well. "A little towards the coast from here, just off the Western road."

Ariette smiles a little wider, teeth very white. "Oh, and in such nice country. We did pass that way, I believe - I must stop and pay my respects on my return, after taking advantage of your Lord's hospitality without his knowledge today. Can you describe it to me at all?"

As the woman flounders her way through a vague description, Ariette leans closer. This must be it - Luca has found no sign of anybody else here, but this Grue de Agen certainly seems to have vanished in a hurry, from what the servant - oh, what was her name? - has skirted around. The location and description should be enough to pinpoint where it is on a map.

Not bad work for a couple of hours and practically alone, she thinks grimly. See what Havelock nó Mandrake and the lady - Brix nó Balm de Marsilikos! Ariette had no idea she and Havelock were acquainted, strange - have to say about that.

Next time nobody will be delaying her debut.
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Joselyne nó Mandrake likes to keep a very professional air about her public office.

Despite the natural openness of D'Angeline desires, there are still some who can be reticent about approaching the Night Court, and House Mandrake in particular. So here, things are strictly business, comfort and taste.

Indeed, the only true indication of the House's nature here is in Joselyne herself. She dresses modestly, but her gaze is direct and assessing. She has never failed to control any situation she finds herself in, which would be why she was appointed.

She is also open for business.
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Mr. Carlisle - Politician.

I want to have the bad guy of the Telempathy scenario (at least, the obvious one) be a politician because of the disastrous consequences that they can cause if they get into office on their own merits and persuasive powers - let alone what could happen if someone supernaturally persuasive put their minds to it. What if they were the wrong person? What if their ideas were dangerous? Even if they weren't, should the country be controlled by someone who affects other people's judgement to get his own way? Of course not; which makes the arbitrary 'heroes' of this story rather morally compromised as well, but at least they are trying to keep the playing field level, as it were. Mr. Carlisle is not obviously a bad man - he is reasonable, even tempered and sincere. He is, however, from a highly priviledged background to begin with, and this added to his gift of telepathy have pushed his self-belief into near pathological arrogance. He truly believes that it is right that he should control others - because he can. He is an interesting mirror to Miriam in this way, since she, at first glance, is also supremely arrogant and strong enough to affect everyone around her. However, the distance lies in their self-knowledge. Miriam's power and use of it is immensely destructive to her self-esteem, and she is intensely miserable because of it. Mr. Carlisle is the opposite, growing ever more confident and self-important each time he uses his power successfully. He believes what he does is right. Miriam knows that exercising her empathic projection at it's strongest is wrong, even though she still does it when she can see no other way.
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As per backroom post, comment with your character's name (past, present, or uh, future?) and I will tell you, for:

Havelock Vetinari: [ profile] oneman_onevote
Shelley Winters: [ profile] shelley_winters
Harth Fray: [ profile] dreamer_fray
Captain Jack Harkness: [ profile] othercaptjack
Nico Minoru: [ profile] grimsister

1) how their opinion of the named character has changed over time, or
2) why their does or does not get along/like/other with the named pup.

Please state which pup of mine as well as yours! Unless... you know, it's really obvious.


Dec. 2nd, 2007 01:12 pm
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Ask my pups anything!

Havelock Vetinari
Shelley Winters
Harth Fray
Captain Jack Harkness
Nico Minoru
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Bit of Jack meta reposted so as not to lose it.

I've RP-ed Jack for a while, now. Dear god, checking, it's over two years. And... originally, I didn't even want to. I wasn't even sure I liked him that much, I picked him up as a favour, to maybe play around a bit, then hand him over to someone I though could do a better job.

But then... he went and got layers. Let's go on the flirtiness. I hesitate to apply the term 'slut,' although he'd most likely happily call himself one. He doesn't sell himself short, just because he's willing to have sex with one and all, because the value placed on it is different in his society, and in his own mind. Sex is fun, sex is for sharing and comforting and playing and strengthening relationships, be they romantic or not - although when in contact with people of different times, he clearly knows the difference, and applies that difference. Romance is something else - as someone else mentioned, his capacity for faithfulness is strong, just not technical fidelity - and I believe he is a very loving person, or was before his trust began to be slowly eroded. Because we don't know much about his past, all we really get to hear is the bad stuff, and it's easy to imagine the effects they could have had on him. Torture, betrayal, loss, memory erasure. And that's even before canon gets started.

That actually leads me onto the next point, yay! I was all set to disagree with you on the 'conman but not a people-person' thing, but then I actually read it, and... yeah. I do think that in one sense of 'people-person,' that's what he is, because he likes people, he really does. He's very fundamentally lonely in Torchwood, and that's something he's stuck with, because he's now so unable to relate normally to the team, and by necessity cannot relate to anyone else. He's a man out of time, and seems unusual because he's so drastically out of context practically all the time. The most natural place for him at this point is on the TARDIS, which, tragically, is impossible because he's been written into another season of Torchwood of his new-formed attachments to the gang, and the difficulty in being near the Doctor with his immortality.

Heartless? No, of course not. He's had it broken so much, but if there's one thing he's got, it's heart, because if he didn't, he'd give up, curl up in a corner, or go all out into cruelty. And he is cruel, when he needs to be, and sometimes when he doesn't, driven by anger and misery and bitterness. And that's why I don't like writing or reading Jack too emo. His lightheartedness and humour and exuberance is as much a failsafe as it is a natural part of his character. (Sidenote: The subtlety of Jack mainly drinking water in Torchwood made me oh. So. Happy.) He knows himself well, and he is a dangerous man. He literally can't get help for his anger-management problems, so he's dealing with them himself, and not exactly well, but better than he could have done.

For me, Jack is... well, I'm stupidly maternal about anyone I write for an extended period of time, so I'll be the first to admit my judgement may be off. He's screwed up, and he knows it, and he tries to fight it, and often overshoots. He fundamentally finds life fun, even at the depths of his despair when he wished he could truly have died the first time, and it's the balance between loving life and wondering about death that makes him tick. He's angry and passionate about right and wrong - but he doesn't know where the boundaries are, or even, sometimes, if they exist at all.

He's a silly boy. He's sly in getting what he wants or needs, but most of all he just keeps going, doing the best he can from minute to minute. He just... has it a little more confused than most people. :D
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Name: Miriam

Age: Early twenties

Description: Medium-length dark brown hair, brown eyes, light olive skin, tall and lean, edging towards thin due to exercising more than eating.

Temperament: Sullen, bitchy and irritable, prone to minor bouts of depression. Dislikes most people, then is surprised when she gets lonely.

Position: Empath (receptive-projective.) Strongest by far, but not leading, due to dysfunctional ability and personality. Exists linked to but outside the informal heirarchy.

Past: Painful. Mainly own fault. Initial tragedy - accidental death of sibling triggered empathy. Unfortunately, was in crowded hospital at the time, and started an inadvertant feedback loop of fear and grief which took out entire hospital for two days. Three deaths from shock. Bitter ever since, especially since she can't handle her emotions around her family, which has kept up vicious cycle of angst and misery.

Was found by the group and brought to them as soon as custody could get her close enough, to be trained in mental/emotional shielding and physical combat to prevent her resorting to projecting at people.

Name: Alex

Age: Early-twenties- just finished uni. 'Recruited' by Liabet under cover as a graduate careers agency while she tests him for telepathic potential.

Description: Shortish dark blond hair, tall and slim. Pale skin, grey/blue eyes.

Temperament: Pleasant, quiet and easygoing with minor tendancy to arrogance. Likes most people, but gets frustrated when others aren't as automatically happy and well-adjusted as him.

Position: Telepath (receptive-projective.) Strong, with high shielding capacity, so automatically partnered with Miriam. Leads telepath contingent (not many?) Needed to undertake spying on other telempath circles, but is less than happy with the ethics of the situation.

Past: Normal, and fairly happy.

Name: Liabet/Lia (Childhood nickname that stuck - real name Elizabeth)

Age: mid-twenties (younger than M and A but infinitely more well-adjusted)

Description: Shortish curly blonde (dyed) hair, tans easily, green/brown eyes, shortish, trim figure.

Temperament: Friendly, chirpy and appears shallow due to interest in own appearance. However, has remained friends with Miriam through thick, thin and constant bitchiness, so must have some perception to her. Surprisingly capable under airhead exterior.

Position: Telepath (receptive-projective) lower/mid-level but well-trained. Shielding capacity not high enough to cope with Miriam at full range, however, so holds her back on assignments - hence recruitment of Alex.

Past: Remarkably normal. Was a friend of Miriam's who was present when Team Protagonist tracked her down, and discovered she could be trained to telepathy. Believed to be empathic initially, but turned out to be a telepath who was just particularly kind and persistent in trying to help people.


Empathy and Telepathy are the most common, but practically always manifest weakly, requiring teamwork to built up a noticable effect.

Empathy: Typically, fits the stereotype of being sensitive to other's feelings and being able to subtly influence them. Stronger capabilities only theory until Miriam shows up. At higher level, causes immense difficulty in functioning normally until shielding training can be built up, and immense problems with other people when said shielding lapses during an emotional moment. Ouch.

Telepathy: Mostly, what it says on the tin. Cannot, however, be confused with someone speaking. Entirely different feel. At most audible level, is easily confused with the reciever's own thoughts, hence protocol of identifying yourself immediately when making contact.

Shielding: Is rarely perfect, but different techniques are vital to prevent you a) betraying your own thoughts to a telepath and b) being influenced by an empath. Hardest to shield against both, but a way has apparently been developed by Team Ominous.

Combination: Ideal is Empath/Telepath. In practise, however, a group of two or three empaths to a telepath or two is usually required for the desired effect. The effect? Controlling people on a one-to-one, momentary basis.


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