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It is quite remarkable what Court-trained grace and the right attitude can achieve.

Or perhaps it isn't - that was, after all, the point.

Ariette has never been Luca's favourite person, House loyalty aside - she is, after all, still only an apprentice like him, even at the age when she may debut as soon as she is deemed ready.

Sometimes, when she is being particularly domineering, he muses on why she hasn't yet in spite of possessing all the beauty and confidence of any full adept. Coming up with possible failings that would prevent her progression is most soothing when trying to keep his temper.

Still, it does mean that she has essentially turned the situation from a kind servant providing tea for a young noble lady and her guards from outside the city who were Sadly Lost while trying to find the house of a nonexistant relative into a verbal but intense interrogation on everything about the man who lives here.

Luca, bearing his role of pageboy with silent resentment and a mental note for later revenge, has taken the time to go through drawers in any unattended rooms.

It's plain enough that no noble is here - they simply can't cope with just one servant to run the place while in residence. In any case, the house is a city residence - roomy, but hardly sprawling.

Peering through the door of the sitting room, he manages to catch Ariette's eye and shakes his head once. It looks like he's done what he can.


"I'm so glad to hear it," Ariette says in steely tones overlaid by her sweetest smile. "City houses can be so stifling. Would I have passed it on my way, I wonder? Where is it?"

"Oh, but a few hours by road, my lady," says the beleaguered woman, wondering only vaguely why she feels so urgently about pleasing this young noblewoman - why, she's barely more than a child! But then, she is a gentlewoman - her own lord has such a manner about him at times, as well. "A little towards the coast from here, just off the Western road."

Ariette smiles a little wider, teeth very white. "Oh, and in such nice country. We did pass that way, I believe - I must stop and pay my respects on my return, after taking advantage of your Lord's hospitality without his knowledge today. Can you describe it to me at all?"

As the woman flounders her way through a vague description, Ariette leans closer. This must be it - Luca has found no sign of anybody else here, but this Grue de Agen certainly seems to have vanished in a hurry, from what the servant - oh, what was her name? - has skirted around. The location and description should be enough to pinpoint where it is on a map.

Not bad work for a couple of hours and practically alone, she thinks grimly. See what Havelock nó Mandrake and the lady - Brix nó Balm de Marsilikos! Ariette had no idea she and Havelock were acquainted, strange - have to say about that.

Next time nobody will be delaying her debut.
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